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Continuous improvement is the basis of any corporation. How can you achieve a healthy balance of Professional development in a small business environment? Learn how can you improve your business by improving first, your people.

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Innovation is key to the business life-cycle. Everyday millions of businesses empower their employees to come up with their own ideas and their own solutions to everyday problems.


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Teaching and Training your people to continuously improve your business and operations will allow you to move into the 21st century with a strong business and reliable people. You will have systems and processes that will be far more advanced than competitors and will remove waste from your operation.

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What our Clients Say

As a small business we have benefited from applying lean principles in our business. We have been able to implement world class technology to aid our manufacturing operation at an affordable price. Further we have significantly improved our marketing strategy using methods and the expertise of EPOS.

New Macey, Australia CEO

Matt Loveday has graduated from Macquarie University Business School in Sydney, Australia. In 2016 He traveled around the world visiting companies such as Boeing and Fastcap in Washington State, Toyota HQ in Japan and Large Industrial Machinery Manufactures in Vietnam.

EPOS Australia was founded in 2011 and has provided industry leading solution's to manufacturing, distribution and industrial industries Around Australia. EPOS is now ready to take on the international market.

Developing solutions to transform manufacturing businesses into thriving and sustainable powerhouses into the 21st century.

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